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Lessons and Coaching

Whether you are an aspiring conductor, a seasoned musician, or a passionate music lover, my lessons and coaching are customized to suit your individual goals and needs. My students have gone on to be finalists in competitions and participate in masterclasses around the world. Check out how I might be able to help you on your journey, and let's be in touch!

Virtual and in-person* meetings available.

What I offer

I offer private lessons, coaching, and personalized directed studies tailored to musicians, conductors, and music enthusiasts, focusing on a range of specialized areas, including:


  • Conducting and rehearsal technique: Master the art of conducting with techniques that improve clarity, expressiveness, and effectiveness on the podium.

  • Score study: Deepen your understanding of orchestral and ensemble scores through comprehensive analysis and interpretation.

  • Score reading at the piano: Learn techniques to play scores at the piano (intermediate proficiency required)

  • Audition and Masterclass/Festival Preparation: Get ready for festivals, competitions, or auditions with focused consultations on repertoire and strategies.


As a committed life-long student myself, it is my passion to find an approach that fits each of my students’ learning styles. I offer a number of flexible pricing options that will suite your needs.

Contact me below and we can set up our first meeting!

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